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Protecting Everyone

Striving for excellence at an unbeatable rate and maintaining client satisfaction


Accent Security is one of the most sophisticated security guard companies in British Columbia. We maintain and build healthy relationships with clients who can trust us and depend on our prestigious services. We are a people business where we keep your satisfaction our priority by going above and beyond every time. Our services span a wide range where we offer security solutions for all types of businesses and industrial sites. From Uniformed Guards to Mobile Response to Surveillance Systems, we are the one-stop-shop made just for you.    

Latest Technology

We only use high-tech surveillance systems so that we could provide triple A rated services. Our use of technology is to make sure our clients rest easy with fast and real time updates of events and incidents that occur at their location. We have incorporated the latest, state-of-the-art, sustainable technology into our operations to not only streamline our services, but to do them while reducing our carbon footprint.  

Professional Security Guards

Accent Security provides well-trained security guards on demand. After going through extensive training, our guards are ready to take on the challenge of keeping your business or site safe from any danger. We take pride in the performance of our employees where they have continuously proved to be better than the rest in the industry. From their physical fitness to their communication skills, our guards have always shown themselves to be the best.  


Competitive Rates

With us, you get unbeatable rates and guaranteed satisfaction. As a growing business, we have prioritized client satisfaction over earning large numbers because your safety is our goal. We also promise to beat any written quotation for a job that we know we can do better. At Accent Security, we believe that matters of safety and security should be available to everyone, and that it should not be bound to those who can afford it. Our cheap rates are for you to take advantage of.  

One-Stop Shop

Accent Security has all the solutions for your security needs where we go all the way to make sure you and your business are safe and secure. Our services range over a wide span where we offer more than just standard security. We provide guards who are knowledgeable in their duties, vigilant to their surroundings, and considerate towards customers and the general public. We also take pride with the performance of our mobile team who have shown their expertise with their incredible response times and detailed reports of their patrol, where their presence has made all the difference. Our Surveillance team also stands tall by providing security systems and monitoring services where needed to make sure your site is safe 24/7.

Get FREE Consultation

Our clients can benefit from a well-trained and a dedicated team of experienced security officers backed by experienced supervisors and managers who have nothing but your best interests at heart.



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By Team of Accent Security
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By Team of Accent Security


Management and Guards were professional and friendly. I certainly would recommend Accent Security to anyone who inquires.
K. Johnson
Very professional and customer oriented. Responsive, courteous and everyone at the company has been great to work with.
C. Carino



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