How to protect yourself from hackers

According to recent reports, hacking is on the rise. Private conversations, pictures, videos, or data are leaked. Hacking is considered normal nowadays, and has become very easy to learn, a teen as old as 15 knows how to hack. Social media has made it very easy as you can find anything that you want even as to how to hack. Now what can you we do?

We all know that there is public Wi-Fi available at almost every store or mall. It’s very important to not access personal or financial data with public Wi-Fi. There are many people who check their emails or back accounts while using public Wi-Fi, which one shouldn’t do at all.  Turn off anything which you aren’t using. Since hacking is so easy, hackers can use certain features to hack you. So, it’s better to turn off your GPS, wireless connection, and geo-tracking. One should always choose their apps wisely, download apps from trustworthy sources and make sure to update software regularly.

If someone sends you a link about which you’re skeptical, leave it, don’t open it. Always use passwords and encryptions to protect your data. Your passwords should be of 8 or more characters, and it should be unique. You can use the storage encryption feature on your phone to protect your private data and set your screen to timeout after five minutes or less. Make sure your data is secure if your mobile device is stolen or lost. You can set up your device to lock itself after a pre-set number of failed log-in attempts.

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