All you need to know about home security

The 21st century has brought about an advancement in technology in all fields. Here we’ll talk about the advancements made in home security options. However, nothing is perfect, everything has its own pros and cons. Discussed below are pros and cons of few of the advanced devices used for home security.

Smart locks


  • Most smart locks let you authorize multiple users to lock and unlock the doors through an app. This is a great and feasible feature for large families or groups of housemates.
  • With the invention of smart locks, there’s no need for keys anymore. You never have to worry about misplacing your keys or pondering over whether you locked your door or not. All you need is your phone; you can let yourself or others in or out of the house. This invention also rules out the hassle of making multiple copies of your keys.


  • Like anything that is run by a software may have glitches, since smart locks are run by software they may stop working for some reason.
  • If you want smart locks on all your ins and outs, you’ll need to buy separate locks and install them individually on all the doors of your home. This will obviously take a lot of time and would also be costly.

Video Doorbells


  • Door cameras can let you see who’s entering your house. You don’t need to go to the door when the bell rings. Even if you’re at a vacation you can keep an eye on whoever comes over to your place. You can see it all on your phone only through an app. The camera uses motion detection to alert your phone when someone’s at the door. This feature increases both safety and convenience, whether you’re home or not.
  • Many of these smart doorbells lets you speak to people on the door via intercom. This function has proved to be quite valuable. If your friend comes over you can tell them you aren’t home through the phone app, or if there’s any stranger you can threaten them that you’ll call the police.


  • Motion detection can be very sensitive. Something as simple as nearby trees swaying in the wind can potentially set off an alert, which may cause unwanted distraction or alarm.

Surveillance Cameras


  • If something happens you which you want to report to the authorities, you’ll have footage of that incident. And since most systems can be paired with our smart phones, the footage would be on hand.
  • Many camera systems use motion detection to send you alerts when there’s movement near or within your home. Even if you’re at vacation you would get alerts if someone were entering your house. Some of these cameras also can detect sound so you’ll be able to hear them as well.


  • These cameras can seem invasive and reduce privacy. If they’re on when one person is home, and another has access to the system. The person who isn’t home may receive alerts and could potentially watch or listen to what’s going on from afar.

Surveillance cameras are designed for the safety of your house and your family but if you don’t have your phone on you or your phone is on airplane mode then security alerts wouldn’t do much and wont matter. This is part of the reason some people choose subscription security services, which ensure someone is monitoring your system even when you’re not available.

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